Use the Origami Buzzbox® set to:

Increase Event Revenues

Build Brand Awareness

Leverage Web Resources

Introduce New Products or Services


What the Origami Buzzbox
® Set is:

The Origami Buzzbox® Set consists of three origami boxes, of decreasing size, placed one inside the other, printed on sustainable paper, and custom designed for your fundraising or awareness building event. They are hands-on, community-building, mementos for pre-and post-event brand building. They ENGAGE participants who make them, motivating your advocates to raise more money and spread the word about your event, cause or educational campaign.


Six piece, All Pre-cut and Pre-creased

They address the three critical needs of fundraising event managers:

The Returns on Investment:
The Origami Buzzbox® Set delivers a return on investment (ROI) in several ways:


Nesting Boxes Contain Surprises